Tidbits of Change Foundation Announces Youth Bursaries to Support Post-Secondary Education for Canadian Youths

The Tidbits of Change Foundation today announces three bursaries to support Canadian teenagers who create or develop a meaningful initiative, a community effort, or an inspirational shared adventure with a parent/mentor.

“Great things can happen when young people have an opportunity to share in taking on initiatives with their parents or mentors,” said foundation co-founder Greg Scott. “These collaborations create something that has positive impact on our communities and inspire us all.”

The application process is simple, any Canadian teen can apply to be considered for post-secondary education bursaries. Submissions will be evaluated on:

  • The inspirational impact of the initiative or story behind the project.
  • The benefits obtained through the collaboration process of youths and parents and/or mentors working together.
  • The awareness and support that was built for a local, national, or global issue – or need that the applicant has identified and is passionate about.
  • The positive, feel-good moments & messages that were generated out of the initiative.
  • Needs based elements outlined in the application will also be taken into consideration.

All submissions will be considered for one of three bursaries:

  1. Inspiration Excellence Award: $5,000 bursary towards any post-secondary education.
  2. Youth Inspiration Bursary (Presented by HEAD/TYROLIA): $1,000 bursary towards any post-secondary education.
  3. Youth Inspiration Bursary (Presented by Kal-Tire): $1,000 bursary towards any post-secondary education.
 Submission Guidelines and Application Forms can be found on the youth bursaries page.