Youth Bursaries

Youth Bursaries


Any Canadian teenaged youth who has created or developed a meaningful initiative, a community effort, or an inspirational shared adventure with a parent/mentor, can apply to be considered for post-secondary education bursaries. Submissions will be evaluated on:

  • The inspirational impact of the initiative or story behind the project
  • The benefits obtained through the collaboration process of youths and parents/mentors working together
  • The awareness and support that was built for a local, national, or global issue – or need that the applicant has identified and is passionate about
  • The positive, feel-good moments and messages that were generated out of the initiative
  • Needs based elements outlined in the application will also be taken into consideration

In the event that the applicant has a desire to use the financial award to advance their charitable or community aspect of their initiative further – rather than an educational bursary – the applicant can detail their desires and plans for this in the application process.


The application evaluation process will be kept fair through a three-step process with three independent groups evaluating the applications – Tidbits of Change Foundation staff, Foundation Advisory Board, and an Awards Selection Committee.

3 available bursaries for 2024 – All submissions will be considered for one of three bursaries:

1. Inspiration Excellence Award: $5,000 bursary towards any post-secondary education.

2. Youth Inspiration Bursary (Presented by HEAD/TYROLIA): $1,000 bursary towards any post-secondary education.

3.Youth Inspiration Bursary (Presented by Kal-Tire): $1,000 bursary towards any post-secondary education.



The Application Window will be open until May 31, 2024.

2024 Bursary

Application Guidelines


Canadian citizens ages 13 through 19 as of the application deadline date.

Application Window
January 15, 2024 to May 31, 2024

Submissions will be accepted online via this link. You will receive a return email acknowledging your submission if you have completed it successfully. If you have not received a return acknowledgement email, please try again or contact
Submissions must include the following:

  • A completed submission form with the applicant name and brief summary description of your initiative (50 words or less)
  • Details of your initiative that you would like to share (500 words maximum)
  • A summary of the collaborative effort undertaken between the applicant and their parent/mentor (250 words maximum)
  • A summary of the impact your initiative had on the people around you, a community at large, or any specific recipient/organization (250 words maximum)
  • Post-secondary goals – education, career, or otherwise (100 words maximum)

Optional Additional Information

  • Any pertinent background issues or circumstances that would be relevant considering needs of the applicant (100 words maximum)
  • Any support materials that you wish to include (materials, pictures, testimonials, etc.) Maximum total file size that will be accepted is 2MB