Greg and Hali's Journey

Our Journey

Since 2012, when Hali turned eleven years old, the two have embarked on an annual Dad & Daughter adventure that has turned into something quite special. They wanted to share in an adventure together that could have a potential local community impact. It was born out of an idea that even the smallest of efforts can result in big change. Each year, they have selected a new city to visit along with a deserving local cause – and then packed up their instruments to busk and play music together to raise funds and awareness for that cause.


They affectionately dubbed their yearly endeavours ‘Tidbits of Change’.


Beyond anything else, it was all about a kid and a parent bonding together over a shared experience and treasuring their one-on-one time together.


Hali and Greg were overjoyed at the response. What began as the small notion of a Dad and 11-year-old daughter, has through the years raised attention and thousands of dollars for a variety of great causes such as: the Oregon Humane Society, Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, Drought Relief for the San Diego Farm Bureau, The Alberta Avalanche Rescue Dog Association, Ocean Legacy Foundation, The Shoebox Project. They have had the joy and privilege of sharing their story and playing music at festivals like Earth Fair and ManyFest – ski areas like Marmot Basin – and special places like Jim Croce’s Park West, The Jasper Park Lodge, Kells, Forks Market, and Fisherman’s Wharf.


What thrilled them the most was to learn when their Dad & Daughter initiative spurred on others to undertake their own efforts: Tremendous campaigns – unique mentor and kid adventures – and creative, grassroots, local fundraising initiatives. Inspirational stories like: a parent and kids building a raft together from recycled materials to do a three-day float on a river; an uncle and nephew coordinating friendly dog visits to a long term care facility; a mom and kids arranging to donate and get a bus to a small African village; and grandparents going on amazing one-on-one adventure trips with their grandkid.


A vibrant circle resulted, all championing the idea that modest efforts and small change can make a big difference. It was inspiring. Hali and Greg began to wonder what would happen if that circle could be grown far larger? Could it snowball into more and more beneficial community initiatives or a greater number of kids and their mentors seeking out amazing experiences to share together? If it could help empower others to take on even the smallest of initiatives, how could it not have a subsequent positive influence on our communities and lives?


It was the seed from which blossomed the Tidbits of Change Foundation.