2024 Bursary

    Application Evaluation Process


    All applications will be reviewed by the Tidbits of Change Foundation staff. Follow-up interviews may be conducted. A recommended list of candidates to be considered for the awards will be submitted to the Foundation’s Advisory Board. The list will be submitted unranked and in random order. The target number of candidates for the list is to be at minimum twice the number of bursary awards being made available.



    The Foundation’s Advisory Board will review the applications and recommendations. If there is consensus among the Advisory Board to ratify the recommendation list, it will be passed on to members of the Awards Selection Committee, still unranked and in random order. If there is consensus among the Advisory Board that an applicant was unjustly left off the recommendation list, the said applicant will be added to the list before forwarding and a review of the process with the Foundation staff will ensue.



    The Awards Selection Committee, diverse individuals from across Canada, will independently review and vote on the applications for the purpose of ranking them for the awards. The rankings will be combined and reviewed by the Foundation’s Advisory Board to determine final bursary recipients. In the event that the Foundation’s Advisory Board determines that the outcome of the ranking is unjust – they can ask the Awards Selection Committee to revaluate and revote to confirm.